*Insert Smart Mango Pun Here*

(Yet another random FB rant. Adding ‘Compulsive Outrager’ to my resume.)


Woke up to the front page ad in HT Cafe announcing this “aamazing flash sale”. I’m all for bad word play, but there is a special place in the copywriters’ hell for such lazy, lousy writing. Aamazing sale because it was for Tropicana Mango drink. Mango, aam, aamazing. Yes.

This isn’t about the copy, though. The ad (released pan India across all HT editions) announced the availablility of Tropicana Mango at Re. 1 instead of Rs. 40 on Amazon India. The sale was meant to start at 8am today, and a whole load of asterisks kind of conveyed that these guys were serious about whatever they had in mind.

While I could immediately imagine Amazon India comparing their 8am sizes with IRCTC, this exercise still sounded suspiciously like the Tropicana guys letting go of the stocks reaching the expiry date to me. I mean, who gives stuff for free, right? And if THIS was the first reaction of a half-groggy consumer pulling up his boxers, either the brand managers must be really really dumb to not think things through, or they must be really really busy making fancy powerpoints with concentric circles. Which is the same thing, actually.

Anyway. I decided to check out the offer. Something was amiss, and I wanted to play Sherlock. Because that’s what regular people do immediately after waking up. It didn’t take me long to figure the deal. Only 1 bottle per customer allowed, with delivery charge per order being Rs. 40!

So you get Rs. 39 off on a Rs. 40 bottle, but you pay Rs. 40 as the delivery charge. Which means, in effect, you end up paying a rupee more than what you would have paid had you picked the bottle up from your nearest supermarket. THAT was the offer.:)

Brilliant. They released front page ads for this!

At 8.20 AM, the Amazon Exclusive Aamazing Flash Sale Lightning Deal was off since the stocks were over. Which meant the ad succeeded in actually exciting real people to switch their computers on, listen to the irritating sound of the windows starting first thing in the morning, wait for their wifi to get connected, curse their 2mbps speeds, log in to their Amazon account, check out the deal, think of making babies with Tropicana and eventually place their orders.

And I was calling the Tropicana brand managers dumb!



  1. Shuva

    “Because that’s what regular people do immediately after waking up.” I’m sorry to say, that’s something I do. That’s NOT the diagnosis you were hoping for.** Anyway, as they say, if you wake up the sleeping ad dog at 8 am he’s gonna bite your donkey.# I’m just surprised that they resisted the call of the Aamazon.*&@%$#%
    ** WTFitis is incurable.
    # Were you supposed to buy one this thing for Rs 1 and then other stuff worth Rs 498 to get the delivery charge waived?
    *&@%$#% My copy also needed some credibility.

  2. jassisays

    And its a farce, you pay Re 1 for the drink, Rs 40 for delivery charge. The order is capped at one per person so you pay Rs 41 for a Rs 40 product. So much for offering a deal.

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