About Me

@ofnosurnamefame is my Twitter handle. I decided to name myself thus because I don’t have a surname.

Outside of that, my name is Vaibhav Vishal. (See, no surname!) Outside of that, people call me v2 and I respond to the name with complete gusto. The name calling started at MTV where I worked for 10 years. It continued at Red FM. Then at FoodFood and Eros International. And it has stuck with me. Also, I just cleverly mentioned the fancy places I have worked at. I had fancy designations, too, if such shallow things interest you. They do to me.

I don’t work anywhere anymore. I write. Or at least I try to write. I have written the dialogues for SCAM 1992, Mumbai Saga, Inside Edge Season 3, and also a few upcoming projects like Pirates and Rana Naidu.

I know I should have a more creative and “bloggish” name to my blog. Like Random Musings or some such. Or something which has the word Apotheosis in it. Or even Prometheus. And Wandering. Yes, Wandering. Some day, I would do myself proud and have a blog called Apotheosis to the Random Musings of a Wandering Prometheus.

Till then, please make do with @ofnosurnamefame.


  1. Neeshant Srivastava

    You have certainly come a long way. I remember you in St. Michael’s High School, Patna screaming on microphones, amusing all around and a wondrous applause that didn’t miss a beat. I admire your gusto and also in giving push to tender things like me searching desperately for a place in the sun. I do remember you fondly, and I am sure you do the same… Neeshant Srivastava in case you have forgotten… You are simply amazing!

  2. neerja

    Apotheosis to the Random Musings of a Wandering Prometheus is the perhaps the best blog would-be name this side of atlantic or pacific or indian ocean (really its a matter of Geo-perspective)

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